ultimate gunfighter with richard ryan

Richard Ryan


RICHARD RYAN the actor and filmmaker has written, produced and directed short films and appeared in movies, television, radio, print and commercials. He has also written and acted for the stage, taught fight choreography courses and provided fight choreography and stuntwork for films and videos.

He is also one of the nation’s leading authorities on reality-based martial arts, self-defense and firearms. A former professional bodyguard, U.S. Marksmanship Academy instructor and combat firearms instructor, Ryan has trained S.W.A.T., special operations units, law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. Inside the martial arts industry Ryan is known as one of the top masters of reality-based fighting arts. As a martial artist Ryan has been featured on the cover of magazines and has been a columnist for Black Belt magazine for many years. He holds numerous Black Belts in a wide variety of fighting styles and is the founder of his own unique martial art system called Dynamic Combat Method™ ( Ryan has been a headline instructor at every major martial arts event for the last two decades and has traveled the world teaching his unique brand of martial arts to civilians, military and law enforcement.

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