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About the Show

Depleting Shadow Television brings you the Ultimate Gunfighter!

Combative expert Richard Ryan hosts a new reality show in which western fast draw artists compete for $10,000 in prize money. From the creative minds of Executive Producer Ljubisa Adzic, Richard Ryan and Dana Skvarek, “Ultimate Gunfighter” is a reality television series where contestants compete in old west style gun fighting competitions culminating in a realistic duel between finalists using real guns and specially designed wax bullets. The winner receives a check for $10,000 and the title of “Ultimate Gunfighter.”

The Ultimate Gunfighter originated from an idea by Executive Producer Ljubisa Adzic and was created by Richard Ryan and Dana Skvarek of Depleting Shadows Entertainment (depletingshadowfilms.com). The concept of the series is to bring back some of the excitement and drama of the old west and infuse that into a challenging competition format. None of the gunfighters know the exact nature of the competitions until the last minute and with each show the challenges get more difficult as gunfighters are eliminated. Shot in authentic locations using period wardrobe the show is rich in both characters and drama.

UGF Pilot Completed

The four-episode pilot has been completed and we are currently seeking distribution. The pilot was created as four 30-minute episodes or as a two hour special. The pilot has also been designed to be seamlessly integrated into a 13-episode season. In future episodes, two more groups of contestants representing western states (such as Texas and New Mexico) will step up to challenge Arizona and the man who now holds the current title of Ultimate Gunfighter. One by one these new gunfighters will be eliminated battling it out in two, four episode segments. In the finale (Episode Thirteen) the final three must fight it out face-to-face until there is only one man standing... the true Ultimate Gunfighter!

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The Ultimate Old West Reality Show! Seven contestants, four days of competition...$10,000 prize.
Only one Ultimate Gunfighter.
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